I am Kristy Schoenberg
Human Resources, Entrepreneur & Startups Enthusiast


What I Do

Far far away, there lived a little girl who believed that businesses, both baby start-ups and mature corporate giants could only enter the land of the unicorns if they hired the right people to help them get there. I believe the best product differentiation is people differentiation – so I help businesses to harness their collective talent horsepower.

HR Strategy Design
Talent Management
People Development
Employee Relations
Some of my skills include..

Talent Management

Growing your business is hard work - and the same holds true for growing your talent. I support companies in their quest to do this well.

HR Technology

HR technology is a pain, but it doesn't have to be. Building simple yet effective tools is what I do best.

People Development

Learning shouldn't be a top down initiative. Teach your employees to develop themselves and you'll be light years ahead of your competition.

Employee Relations

We don't always get along with each other - it's just a fact of life. I help teams to work it out when they need a little support.

Culture and Comms.

A wonderful serenity is a culture where honesty, transparency & genuine trust breathe life into everything & everyone in it's wake. This is the world where unicorns live.


EQ is definitely > than IQ in this space. Being a pretty good judge of character goes a long way in this business.

A good leader takes more than her share of blame

and less than her share of credit.

My Work Style

  • Transparent

    I believe that companies cannot truly be successful unless they are completely transparent in sharing information with their employees. To do it any other way just breeds distrust.

  • Candid

    I'm always professional, but I always tell it like it is. It just takes more energy to spin it than it does to just say what you are thinking. I prefer to save my energy for more important things.

  • Supportive

    I like helping others to be successful - and I like when others help me to do the same. I believe in hiring people who are better than me and then supporting their missions.

  • Creative

    I love building cool stuff, so if you work with me you may get a bit annoyed at times listening to my crazy start-up, design, product and Saas app ideas (Don't worry - I'll pipe down if you ask me to).

What others say about me…

“Kristy is not only an expert in her field but the type of person you love to work with. She is open-minded, thinks in terms of solutions, and creates a team environment focused on doing whatever it takes to get the project done right. I highly recommend her work and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”M.K. - Chief Product Officer
“Kristy is an impressive professional with a keen ability to identify the root cause of a problem. Her diagnostics abilities are well complemented by her effectiveness to create tactical solutions, while at the same time candidly communicating to all levels of the organization. She is an excellent HR professional who keeps a strategic mindset..”J.L. - Director, Human Resources
“I can not say enough positive things about my interactions with Kristy. She is a true professional and extremely dedicated and committed to whatever role or project she takes on…”C.C. - HR Consultant

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